Jar$ for Jamaa Letu 2022!!

The money collected goes to support the operating expenses of Jamaa Letu the orphanages such as food, clothing, school fees, utilities,  medical care, and salaries for the staff.

COVID has changed the collection of this offering, but not the love and joy that goes with it. Please consider donating to your local church, designated to Jamaa Letu, between now and June.

If your church meets in person, consider making some Jamaa Letu jars for the coin (and bill!) collection and turn them into your church treasurer. Your treasurer will send the funds to the conference office in late June or when funds are received.

Here’s a Jar$ for Jamaa Letu flyer to help you promote this important fundraiser.

You can also encourage everyone to give through our special fundraising link, https://bit.ly/jars2022. All the funds donated here will go to support our orphans. Also, donors can text the code “JARS2022” to 44-321 to pull up the same page on their mobile device. If you would prefer to give by check, you can mail your gift to the PNW Treasurer’s Office: P.O. Box 13650, Des Moines, WA 98198. In the memo, indicate “Jamaa Letu Orphanages” or “Jamaa Letu Scholarships”.

We are offering 2 options of the Jar$ for Jamaa Letu label. Download one or both of the 2022 Jar$ for Jamaa Letu Label options by clicking on the links below

  • 1 Jar Label, single-sided with one copy of the instructions and the label.
  • 2 Jar Labels, double-sided with two labels with instructions on the back.

Use a jar to collect coins and bills.

    1. Tape to jars and cans for distribution to your congregation. The design of the label can also be used for bulletin inserts, newsletters, and/or e-messages.
    2. Put a large jar in the narthex and encourage people to fill it with change and bills.
    3. Send labels home with worshipers to tape to their jar to be filled and brought back to your local church.

Hope for the Children of Africa Task Force and Ministry of the Pacific NW Conference of the United Methodist Church